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Move of the Week for 8/8

Move of the Week for 8/8- This week, Professor Easton shows us a variety of skills that every fighter needs to have in their repertoire. Practicing these repeatedly will help you set a great foundation for more advanced techniques. Fundamentals Stand up: Basic knees from the Plum…


Move of the Week for 4/11

This is the Move of the Week for 4/11! Some great techniques this week, and Professor Easton makes several excellent points that you should pay close attention to. Fundamentals Stand up: Rear Choke Def Fundamentals Ground: Mount Top    “Maintain Mount+front chokes+ armbar” Intermediate Stand up: Arm…


Move of the Week for 3/14

Week of 3/14 Fundamentals Stand up Single Leg Mid Level Takedown – A basic takedown that is effective and sets the groundwork for more advanced maneuvering. Fundamentals Ground Passing Guard Under the Leg – This is a great pass. Just watch your right arm in…