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Kids Martial Arts

Why study Kids Martial arts

Martial arts instill confidence and discipline at any age, and making it a building block of your child’s earliest experiences will help set them on the path of excellence from an early age. At Easton Training Center, we focus on F.R.E.D. in our kids program – focus, respect, energy, and discipline.

Starting young helps children develop self-awareness and confidence that permeates everything from anti-bullying approaches to social skills and staying active. Children learn technical skills to defend themselves in a positive, playful setting, and the focus on respect and camaraderie allows them to get a wider perspective of themselves in the world – how they can be better humans and how they affect others. 

In addition to the programmed curriculum of our Kids BJJ and Muay Thai classes, like technique drills, games and live training, our daily Mat Chats create a space for coaches to discuss the life lessons of martial arts in relation to the kids’ daily lives.

What will my child's first class look like?

You just signed your kid up for a free class! One of our First Impressions Specialists will reach out to ask the name of your child and schedule their first class. They’ll reach out the day before to confirm, and they’ll send you a digital waiver.

On the very first day of class, you’ll arrive a little early. Martial arts can feel intimidating to a first-time child, so we want to make sure to work in some extra time to get to know them and make them feel comfortable. Depending on which class they’re taking, we give them boxing gloves or a Gi to use, and introduce them to their coach, who will introduce them to other students in the class.

Class starts with some drills or a game to get everyone warmed up, and then the coach will help form partners. All of our students know the importance and responsibility of being the higher ranked partner and taking care of their friend. 

Students watch the coach demonstrate a technique, and then they rep it out with their partner as the coaches make their way around to everybody for help. During the last portion of class, kids get to live train with wrestling rounds and begin to implement techniques they learned in class!

Why Study at Easton?

Character Development

From the technical and mental aspects of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai to the underlying basis of respect, discipline and kindness, Easton Training Center will help your child grow not just as a martial artist but as a young human. Our students do well and achieve success on the mats and at competitions because they know how to honor the martial art they practice, and the power it gives them.

Skilled Coaches

Along with having plenty of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai experience as instructors and practitioners, our kids coaches also have a solid foundation of child development. Whether welcoming a shy youngster to the mats for the first time or helping our kids get in top gear for competitions, our kids coaches continuously receive raving feedback from families.

Social Skills

Learning how to engage physically with peers will help your child immensely in other areas of life. Just as interacting with others comprises a large part of child development, learning to use our bodies in relation to each other in a safe and playful space builds confidence and life-long friendships.

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"I'm impressed with the friendly environment at ETC that is presented by the coaches. They're very professional and knowledgeable in the art."
Jared Martin
"The professors and coaches and staff are all professional, kind and knowledgeable. I train BJJ, my daughter trains BJJ and Muay Thai in the Kids program. I am so thankful for ETC Boulder and all that they provide my family. I am always humbled on the mats as I learn and grow as a student and person. My daughter literally asked me if she could quit school and train full time (she is 7), so I had to say no. She tells me that in BJJ she feels most I said, I am so thankful to ETC."
James Hambel
"Coming into the lunchtime BJJ classes is often the highlight of my day. All the coaches and professors have been wonderful, but I've got a soft spot for Coach Shae. His classes are a great mixture of technique, humor, respect, and the space to practice. I leave class impressed and tired each and every day."
Jon Burdette
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