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All of our coaches have years of experience training fighters of all ages and skill level


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Abby Cruz

Adam Lee

Alea Benson Littlejohn

Alex Glades Easton training

Alex Glades

Alexander Huddleston jiu jitsu

Alexander Huddleston

Allie Readmond Muay Thai

Allie Readmond

Amal Easton

Amy Fidelis Easton training

Amy Fidelis

Andrew Kuykendall

Anna Mayordomo

Antonio Fidelis Easton training

Antonio Fidelis (Junior)

Arthur Yensan jiu jitsu

Arthur Yensan

Ashley Rose Dunn Easton training

Ashley Rose Dunn

Brandon Winn Muay Thai

Brandon Winn

Bruce Bugbee jiu jitsu coach

Bruce Bugbee

Carlos Espinosa

Chino Dean Muay Thai

Chino Dean

Chriss Mierzwiak jiu jitsu

Chris Mierzwiak

Dakota Lane Brown jiu jitsu

Dakota Lane Brown

Dan Wilson Muay Thai

Dan Wilson

Daniel Steele jiu jitsu

Daniel Steele

Derek Alumbaugh

Donald McSherry

Eliot Marshall

Fernando Martinez jiu jitsu

Fernando Martinez

Flynn Burlew jiu jitsu

Flynn Burlew

Ian Lieberman

Isabel Ranney Easton Training

Isabel Ranney

Jenifer Mills Easton training

Jenifer Mills

Jordan Shipman Easton training

Jordan Shipman

Jose Sang Easton training

Jose Sang

Joshua (JT) Baerwolf jiu jitsu

Joshua (JT) Baerwolf

Kate Eischen Easton training

Kate Eischen

Kyle Wright

Luma Murib jiu jitsu

Luma Murib

Marc Beerline


Matthew Bloss muay thai

Matthew Bloss

Melissa Burdette

Michael Phipps

Michael Phipps

Michael Pike Muay Thai

Michael Pike

Mike Tousignant

Nick Derimow jiu jitsu

Nick Derimow

Nick Mavrick Easton training

Nick Mavrick

Nick Reid Easton training

Nick Reid

Niki Hughes jiu jitsu

Nikki Hughes

Omar Taher jiu jitsu

Omar Taher

Oscar Dmitri Ramos Easton training

Oscar Dmitri Ramos

Patti Inglis Muay Thai

Patti Inglis


Peter Straub Easton training

Peter Straub

Robbie Cole Easton training

Robbie Cole

Sarah Rochniak

Sean Madden

Stephanie Johnson

Steve Eisman

Theresa Stitzel Easton training

Theresa Stitzel

Van Tran

Viola Burlew jiu jitsu

Viola Burlew

Zebulon C Miller Easton training

Zebulon C Miller

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