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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Why Study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), a ground-based grappling sport, emphasizes leverage, pivot points and joint manipulation, utilizing technique over size and strength. Properly executed, it allows even a smaller person to gain control over a larger, stronger opponent. 

Real-world fights often end up on the ground; Jiu Jitsu teaches you to go safely from standing to ground combat, making it a practical martial art to learn to outsmart your opponent.

BJJ also comprises a large portion of the mixed martial arts (MMA) world. For anyone whose fitness goals include professional fighting, knowing how to work on the ground with dominating positions and effective submissions is essential to a successful career.

Even for those who don’t look to compete, BJJ will give you a new level of cardio, conditioning, and mental sharpness that will get you into peak form. You’ll build trust with your training partners and experience community in a completely unique way, as people you may never otherwise know help you improve and grow strong.

What will my first class look like?

Congratulations! You just submitted your free class request. If you didn’t already specify a date and time, one of our First Impressions Specialists will reach out to do so. They’ll reach out the day before to confirm, and send you a digital waiver.

If you’ve never done Jiu Jitsu, your first class will be one of our Fundamentals classes. Before class, you get a 30-minute orientation session with a coach where you’ll learn the basics: bowing onto the mat, BJJ history, and common positions and movements. 

Then, the fun begins! Everyone lines up on the mat by rank, with the higher belts heading up the right end of the line, and everybody bows in, indicating class has begun. A 10-minute warm up starts class, and then you’ll line up again so your coach can pair you with a partner. 

Voila! You’ve just taken your first Jiu Jitsu class. It only gets better from here, as you keep coming in and eventually build your game in live training!

Why Study at Easton?


At Easton Training Center, you’ll learn in a safe environment with professional trainers, and we build our beginners classes to be effective while also controlled. Our instructors all actively practice and regularly place at competitions, and both instructors and students medal at national and international tournaments such as the IBJJF World Championship and Pan American Championship.


Our founder, Professor Amal Easton, received his black belt from legendary master Renzo Gracie, and there are now over 100 Easton black belts passing down the art since he opened the academy in 1998. Easton students consistently win local tournaments and always represent on professional BJJ cards in Denver. Along with getting students ready for local events, Easton Training Center has also trained professional MMA competitors, including a host of UFC fighters.


One of the biggest parts of Easton Training Center’s appeal lies in its powerful and unique community. We work together, sweat together and support each other. With the help of our teammates, we achieve levels of success we didn’t know were possible. Students come to us for an array of reasons, but time and time again, when asked what kept them here, they always say “the people.”

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"I'm impressed with the friendly environment at ETC that is presented by the coaches. They're very professional and knowledgeable in the art."
Jared Martin
"The professors and coaches and staff are all professional, kind and knowledgeable. I train BJJ, my daughter trains BJJ and Muay Thai in the Kids program. I am so thankful for ETC Boulder and all that they provide my family. I am always humbled on the mats as I learn and grow as a student and person. My daughter literally asked me if she could quit school and train full time (she is 7), so I had to say no. She tells me that in BJJ she feels most I said, I am so thankful to ETC."
James Hambel
"Coming into the lunchtime BJJ classes is often the highlight of my day. All the coaches and professors have been wonderful, but I've got a soft spot for Coach Shae. His classes are a great mixture of technique, humor, respect, and the space to practice. I leave class impressed and tired each and every day."
Jon Burdette

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