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Why study Kickboxing + Muay Thai?

Muay Thai comprises the other half of what we do at Easton Training Center. Also known as the “Art of 8 Limbs” due to the use of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, Muay Thai is a striking ring sport that also incorporates grappling with the use of clinch and sweeps. Muay Thai, which literally translates to “Thai Boxing” traces its roots back to Thailand, and its techniques simultaneously create both powerful delivery and grace.

If you’ve never done Muay Thai, you will start in our Kickboxing class, an entry-level class to the Muay Thai program. Kickboxing teaches you the fundamentals of the sport on a heavy bag before you move into Muay Thai Fundamentals where you begin doing pad work with a partner. Kickboxing also helps to build a strong cardio foundation to help new students excel when they move up to Muay Thai.

Along with being a great full-body, cardio-based workout, our striking programs and classes will help you gain confidence on your feet and teach you to control and harness your strength. Striking will also make up a large piece of your mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting arsenal.

What will my first class look like?

You just requested a free class! What now? If you didn’t already specify a date and time, one of our First Impressions Specialists will reach out to do so. They’ll reach out the day before to confirm, and they’ll also send you a digital waiver. 

You’ll get to the academy 15 minutes early to borrow gloves and wraps from the front desk, get a short orientation of the space and meet the instructor as you head back to the bag room.

Class will start with a cardio warmup, including stretching the hips and shoulders, and some movements to get your blood pumping. You’ll have a short shadow-boxing session where you learn the basic four punches, and the basics of footwork.  

The instructor will then demonstrate the week’s technique on the bag, then let you and your partner take turns working the movements, coming around each group to help. 

Congrats! You’ve just taken your first Kickboxing class. Keep showing up and it only gets more fun as you progress through the program, ranking up to our Fundamentals Muay Thai classes where you learn the basics of pad work and weight-shifting, and eventually joining our Advanced Muay Thai classes where you take your skills to the next level with person-to-person contact.

Why Study at Easton?

World-Class Instruction

Our skilled instructors are dedicated to elevating your striking skills to the highest level possible and fostering the control and discipline to do so. Many of our instructors are accomplished competitors and coaches in their own right, having competed at some of the highest levels of martial arts and helped to coach athletes all over the world, from small shows to the UFC.

Proven Track-Record

If your goals include competitive fighting, Easton Training Center’s Muay Thai program will help you become a fighter. We have a clear path to advancement, from in-house smokers for advanced students to try their hand in the ring to the Easton Fight Team which trains a small cadre of fighters for tournaments, amateur bouts and professional matches.


One of the biggest parts of Easton’s appeal lies in its powerful and unique community. We work together, sweat together and support each other. With the help of our teammates, we achieve levels of success we didn’t know were possible. Students come to us for an array of reasons, but time and time again, when asked what kept them here, they always say “the people.”

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"I'm impressed with the friendly environment at ETC that is presented by the coaches. They're very professional and knowledgeable in the art."
Jared Martin
"The professors and coaches and staff are all professional, kind and knowledgeable. I train BJJ, my daughter trains BJJ and Muay Thai in the Kids program. I am so thankful for ETC Boulder and all that they provide my family. I am always humbled on the mats as I learn and grow as a student and person. My daughter literally asked me if she could quit school and train full time (she is 7), so I had to say no. She tells me that in BJJ she feels most I said, I am so thankful to ETC."
James Hambel
"Coming into the lunchtime BJJ classes is often the highlight of my day. All the coaches and professors have been wonderful, but I've got a soft spot for Coach Shae. His classes are a great mixture of technique, humor, respect, and the space to practice. I leave class impressed and tired each and every day."
Jon Burdette

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