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February 23, 2023

Announcing Kids Pans 2023!

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Announcing Kids Pans 2023!

Let’s get ready for Pan Kids 2023, the largest BJJ tournament in the world for kids!

The IBJJF is the world leader in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, hosting the sport’s most prestigious global events. Every year Team Easton makes the pilgrimage to test our skills against many of the world’s most talented and dedicated youth Jiu-Jitsu competitors! It is a unique three-day event of camaraderie, family, and competition. 

Dates + Venue

July 21* – 23, 2023

*The organization may schedule fights for July 21st if the number of athletes registered exceeds our capacity to fit the event in 2 days.

Silver Spurs Arena

1875 Silver Spur Ln

Kissimmee, Florida 34744

Travel + Flights

We recommend arriving in Kissimmee on Thursday, July 20th, and departing on the 24th or 25th (we’ll have a team activity day on Monday, the 24th). 

We recommend flying into Orlando airport (MCO). 



We’ll all try to stay as close as possible, so it will be easier to spend time together! Here are some options:

Storey Lake Neighborhood 

Hotels nearby:

Trip Pre-Schedule*

*We will release a final schedule with times when the IBJJF releases the official Pans Kids schedule the week of the event. 

7/20 Thursday – Arrival & Check-In 

7/21 Friday – Competition Day

7/22 Saturday – Competition Day & Team Dinner after

7/23 Sunday – Competition Day

7/24 Monday – Team Activity Day (optional)

Team Activities 

Plan A: Team hangout at Cocoa Beach! 

Or if we get rained out–

Plan B: Team field trip to Kennedy Space Center!

Easton Competitor Guidelines or Pan Kids

Ultimately, please discuss whether or not your child is ready to compete at Pan Kids with your coaches. Still, as a general guideline, we recommend that students meet the following criteria before competing at this level:

  • Pan Kids only has divisions for grey belt and up. Students must at least be a grey/white belt. 
  • They have won their division (age, weight, current rank) at three local tournaments. 

IBJJF Membership Process

To register for Pan Kids, all participants must have an active IBJJF membership. We recommend starting this process as soon as possible. It does take some time because signed Professor approval is required. 

Athlete Registration

  • Pan Kids is for kids ages 4-15. The IBJJF doesn’t define your age by your birthday but rather: (Current Year) – (Birth Year)
    • Example: (2023) – (2010) = 13
  • Please remember that athletes must weigh in on the day of their competition right before their first match in their GI. 
  • When registering your child and selecting their weight class, please verify their weight while wearing the GI they plan to compete in. They will only get one chance to make weight the day of the event. We do not recommend any child cutting weight for a jiujitsu tournament. 
  • Please discuss questions about which division your child should compete in with your coach. 

Visit this link for the IBJJF Kids 2023 Weight Chart.

IBJJF Uniform Requirements

There are strict GI requirements for this competition. All Easton Solid Gi’s are 100% IBJJF compliant. Please ensure an Easton patch on your Gi if you choose not to wear a Solid kimono. 

We will also have custom Team Easton Competition gear for this event, and we request that all of our participants wear their gear at the tournament. 

Visit this link for full details: Uniform | IBJJF

Quick Summary:

  • It must be royal blue, white, or black and made of cotton or cotton-like material. 
  • It must be uniform, meaning the top and bottom must be the same color. 
  • GI top should come no more than 5 cm from the athlete’s wrist when arms are extended.  
  • GI pants should not exceed 5 cm above the ankle bone. 
  • They will also verify the following measurements: lapel thickness 1.3 cm, GI collar 5 cm width, and sleeve opening at full extension 7 cm. 
  • Athletes cannot wear a t-shirt underneath the GI; if anything, it must be a rash guard. 
  • They are also not allowed to wear pants (or spats) under the GI.

IBJJF Ruleset

Visit this link for the IBJJF rulebook technical fouls & illegal moves: Books and Videos | IBJJF

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