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Heavy Bag Routine #2

11/18 – 11/24 The focus of this bag routine is going to be using limited weapons throughout the rounds. We call these “handicap drills.” These drills force us to be creative with our combinations while only using a certain number of techniques! Warm Up 3×2…


Muay Thai Summer Smoker

Last month, Easton Denver hosted our semi-annual Muay Thai smoker. Easton schools and affiliates sent their newer competitors to display skills their students have honed over the last several months. It was a privilege watching these competitors put it all out on the line, and…


Muay Thai 101

Muay Thai as a Martial Art Want to learn how to defend yourself? While grappling martial arts are highly effective in a one versus one scenario, engaging someone with it could be risky if a concealed weapon or multiple attackers are present. Because of this,…


Focus of the Week (1/9/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids 1.9.2017 – 1.15.2017 BJJ Fundamentals – Osoto Gari and Escaping Mount Osoto Gari – This week we will focus on the classical right-handed osotogari, where tori steps next to uki with his left leg and…


Focus of the Week 9/16/2013

Martial Arts Curriculum, News, and Speech of the week 9/16/13 – 9/22/13   Curriculum Muay Thai Fundamentals: Front Kicks Intermediate: Front Kicks and attacking with Round Kicks   BJJ Fundamentals: Stripping Grips, Half Guard To Mount Or Side Control Intermediate: Cross Guard, (Positioning, Sweep, and Reverse Armbar)…

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Focus of the Week 9/9/13 – 9/15/13

ETC Martial Arts Curriculum/Announcements/Speech 9/9/13 – 9/15/13 Curriculum Muay Thai Fundamentals: Round kick defense Intermediate: Pad-work  and offense/defense drills. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals: Bear Hug Defense From Front, Fan Sweep/Kimura Intermediate: Frame Series Black Belt:  Knee On Belly – Top Announcements -Good luck to those competing this…