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February 15, 2020

ETC Boulder hosts Kinstretch seminar

Zack Chandler

ETC Boulder hosts Kinstretch seminar

A few weeks ago, ETC Boulder hosted a Kinstretch seminar. At this seminar, certified Kinstretch instructors educated attendants on body awareness and flexibility. Afterwards, they allowed them to apply what they learned through various exercises and stretches. I sat down with a couple of seminar attendants to ask about their experience, one of whom was Easton Muay Thai coach Terrence Moore.

What kind of activities were you doing? What’d you get out of them?

Deep, targeted stretching that illustrated weakness in particular areas of the body due to inactivity. We not only stretched, but brought awareness to particular parts of the body and deliberately worked through any tension that might be present.

What’d you get out of this seminar?

I felt like the theme of taking things slowly and consciously working through whatever’s giving you trouble was translatable to a lot of different aspects of life. Also, it gave me an opportunity to grow with my community.

What are the benefits of cross training as a martial artist? Did you find any of these benefits here?

I like to cross-train to put myself out of my comfort zone. I try to always be learning, to always have a white-belt state of mind. Also, things like yoga and Kinstretch promote overall wellness and longevity in sports/martial arts. More on the benefits of yoga can be found here.

Where can I try Kinstretch?

Our friends at Optimal Function & Wellness are located right here in Boulder, where they offer a variety of services along with Kinstretch. Check them out today!


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