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November 17, 2019

Martial Arts Teach Life Lessons

Zack Chandler

Martial Arts Teach Life Lessons

Dealing with disappointment

The other day, I decided to pull out of a competition for which I had been preparing for the last several months. Once this goal was struck from my life, I found it hard to stay the course of general self-improvement. I then realized that I could take this time to focus on other aspects of my training to become a more complete martial artist. More importantly, I could take the lessons learned from martial arts into other facets of life to become a more well-rounded individual.

How not to deal with disappointment

A similar situation happened to me when I was sixteen years old. Playing guitar was my only outlet, and the only thing I felt I was good at. For years I had been practicing guitar rigorously when one day I had the first stroke in a series of four. These strokes left me debilitated and unable to play guitar with a fraction of the dexterity I once had. My brain knew what to do, but my muscles weren’t receiving the message. My life’s plans had been destroyed, plunging me into a prolonged state of depression.

Turning the corner

Years passed. My lifestyle remained as sedentary as ever with no aspirations to speak of. I lived to enjoy life’s dumb distractions. This continued until my best friend Anthony started his journey of self-improvement by going on the Atkins diet. Seeing Anthony lose weight so quickly and easily encouraged me to start my own journey. After experimenting with various forms of exercise, I eventually started taking martial arts lessons.

Finding meaning outside of martial arts

I attribute martial arts with clearing the fog of apathy that had clouded my mind for so many years. I’ve never cared about something as much as I care about jiu-jitsu. It has taught me to find meaning in interactions (social, environmental, spiritual, etc.) and bodily/mental health. I’ve also learned the importance of honesty, integrity, humility, and discipline. More on the benefits of training martial arts can be found here.

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