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December 16, 2019

Mindfulness through martial arts

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Mindfulness through martial arts

Present leads to our future

Living in the present can be difficult. We all have busy lives, and we’re all trying to plan that next step. What we sometimes forget is that the future cannot exist without the present. It is the only experience we are guaranteed, and it directly affects our future. One tool that teaches us mindfulness is martial arts.

Timing is everything

Training teaches us that timing is paramount. If you execute a technically sound move at the wrong time, it won’t serve. In fact, it might even hinder you. You can have all the answers to a problem, but if you don’t provide those answers at the right time, the problem will most likely remain unsolved. More on the topic of timing is discussed in this article.

One small decision leads to the next

Just as in life, BJJ teaches us that when we find ourselves in less than ideal situations, it’s probably due to the culmination of decisions we made leading up to that moment. If we didn’t set ourselves up for success from the beginning by mindfully navigating ourselves through perilous waters and making proper adjustments on our way towards a goal, this goal will never be reached.

Staying in the present

Be mindful of the next step, but don’t let it cloud your decision-making process. Be goal-oriented, but never forget that the only avenue of reaching these goals is through the present moment!

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