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3 Fitness Tips for Beginners

It’s great that you decided to start working out. It won’t be long before you start feeling better and find yourself able to do things you haven’t been able to do in years, if ever. You’ll have more self confidence, look better, and find people…


Move of the Week for 5/9

Move of the Week for 5/9. This week Professor Easton shows us a basic takedown that is easily built upon, a very useful guard pass that is high percentage when done correctly, and a throw that shows the judo origins of jiu jitsu, All are…


Move of the Week for 5/2

Move of the Week for 5/2. Only two videos this week, but each one is packed full of jiu jitsu goodness. The Professor shows us a solid, basic takedown and introduces the bunny hop drill for the Renzo Hip Throw. It just fits well with…