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May 28, 2012

Move of the Week For 5/28 – Dragging Rear Choke

Amal Easton

Move of the Week For 5/28 – Dragging Rear Choke

Move of the Week for 5/28 – This week, Professor Easton demonstrates some great fundamental techniques good for competition as well as for self defense.

Fundamentals Standup: Dragging Rear Choke

This is a solid technique to keep yourself from getting tossed during a rear choke. As Professor Easton says, don’t just fall, walk your opponent back and get down on one knee. As you can see, there are options for finishing the choke, or you can get your hooks in and take his back.

Fundamentals Ground: Maintaining Back & Rear Choke/Armbar

One of the first thing Professor Easton shows us in this video is a great drill for learning to maintain back control by rolling with a partner. Learning when to post and where will help you a lot with staying on someone’s back.There are two attacks here; the armbar or a choke. While practicing this technique, be careful with your partner. You don’t want anyone getting hurt. Professor Easton makes several good points in this video, and is well worth watching a few times to pick it all up.

Every week, we post our jiu jitsu technique videos that demonstrate the maneuver and skills you would learn while studying jiu jitsu at Easton BJJ. If you would like to learn jiu jitsu in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Denver or any of our other locations, contact us today.



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