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September 19, 2011

3 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Amal Easton

3 Fitness Tips for Beginners

It’s great that you decided to start working out. It won’t be long before you start feeling better and find yourself able to do things you haven’t been able to do in years, if ever. You’ll have more self confidence, look better, and find people even start treating you different. A good exercise regimen can change your life for the better drastically.

However, all too often people get really excited about training, and then quit after a few days, weeks or months. And that’s a shame. The reasons vary from person to person, but they tend to all fall in the same general spectrum. So here is a reality check to help keep you from succumbing to these all too common pitfalls.

1) Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Yeah, you know it takes time to get in shape. And the worse shape you’re in when you start, the longer it will take. But don’t get discouraged by the length of time. Look at it this way: you’ll get into shape far faster than it took you to get out of shape if you keep with it. There really is no magic pill.

2) Exercising Doesn’t Let You Eat More

Yes, taking jiu jitsu classes is a great form of exercise. But exercise without a good diet is pretty futile. You might still lose weight, but not as fast as you could be. And you want to burn it fast, so make sure you eat healthy. Talk to a nutritionist and try to get on a healthy eating plan. Jiu Jitsu training combined with proper sport nutrition is a sure way to get in shape.

3) Stay Off the Scale

Fact: Your weight has nothing to do with fat. In fact, you may eventually find your-self gaining weight. As you work out, you’ll burn fat, but be replacing it with muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. So while you’ll be losing fat in the beginning, eventually you will just be trading fat for muscle. The best way to determine your fitness on a day to day basis is as simple as looking in a mirror. You’ll see the change.

If you keep these tips in mind, hopefully you won’t get as discouraged and quit. There will be days where you’ll look in the mirror and not be happy, but hey, as long as you stick with it, those days will get fewer and farther apart. But with a regular regimen of jiu jitsu training in Castle Rock, you’ll go far. I promise.



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