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June 14, 2011

EBJJ Belt Promotion List

Amal Easton

EBJJ Belt Promotion List

This is a list of possible Belt promotions. Being on the list does not guarantee a promotion, and names will be added as we get closer to promotion day. Technique review and testing will be held the weekend prior to promotions, with an opportunity to retest during the week should it be required.

If you are on the list for Blue Belt you should have the fundamentals curriculum down solid. It is recommended that you participate in as many fundamentals classes between now and testing day as you can.

The promotions will be held July 10th at the Bear Creek Lake park near Red Rocks. For more info, make sure you check out the Facebook event invite.


Black, David-B
Boeken, Dylan-B
Burk, Dustin-D
Chipman, Doug-B
Clevelan, Dan-B
Edwards, Brennan-D
Elliot, Chris-D
Fifer, Walt-B
Fournier, Joni-B
Gnat, Raz-D
Hueftle, Benjamin-B
Kidwell, Chris-B
Kovinchick, Martin-D
Kriska, Tom-B
Long, Blake-D
Martin, Dan-D
Mendoza, Vincent-B
Milici, Anthony-D
Musk, Gabriel-B
Nordic, Alexa-D
Tinoco, Lorenzo-D
Steele, Daniel-B
Wong, John-B


Anderson, Gabe-D
Brown, “Dusty” Dustin-B
Byers, Colin-D
Deckert, Johnathan-B
Fisher, Nathaniel-B
Lieberman, Will-B
Quinn, Brandon-D
Tosh, Eddie-D
Sovndal, Shannon-B
Romano, Todd-B


Donley, Eric-B


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