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October 25, 2022

8 Heavy Bag Workouts To Try At Home

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8 Heavy Bag Workouts To Try At Home

When Covid hit in 2020, everybody scattered. We took to our homes, our garage gyms and our backyards. Easton Training Center had to shut its doors and then reopen at limited capacity just like many other gyms, and Coach Sean Madden took this opportunity to support our striking students at home by uploading resources for them to utilize.

The following list archives eight unique heavy bag workouts that we published. If you’re looking to change up your fitness routine, you can incorporate these and achieve great results.

Heavy Bag Workout #1 – Weapons and combinations

Heavy Bag Workout #2 – Using limited weapons throughout rounds

Heavy Bag Workout #3 – Focusing on all weapons

Heavy Bag Workout #4 – Changing levels of attack

Heavy Bag Workout #5 – A focus on endurance

Heavy Bag Workout #6 – Working on our Inside Game (Zone 1)

Heavy Bag Workout #7 – Distance management + using different weapons in different zones

Heavy Bag Workout #8 – Using Fakes and Feints to get our opponent to show their card

Let us know which ones you try, and if you have a favorite!

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