a man knees a punching bag labeled with the words "Easton Training Center" in a kickboxing class


01/20 – 01/26

Warm Up

1×5 min round jump rope

1×5 min round shadow box: Min 1: footwork and defense only , Min 2: add lead hand & lead leg, Min 3: add rear leg, Min 4: all weapons, Min 5: full speed, all weapons .

20 squats, 20 push ups, 20 sit up at end of round

Bag Work(3 min rounds x 45 sec rest)
R1) Warm up, lower body only.

R2) Warm up, upper body only. (Punch and elbow)

R3) Warm up, all weapons in


throw combinations focusing on attacking all 3 levels (head/body/legs) within each combination. Example: jab-cross-hook to head, rear low kick, followed by switch kick to the body, finish with lead teep. This keeps our combinations diverse and makes it hard for the opponent to know where we are attacking. Also, consider the concept we train where we are using strikes 1 and 2 to set up 3. Same concept applies with this drill.

R4) Entries attacking the head first. Work to the body then the legs, or work head, then legs, and finish on the body.

R5) Entries attacking the body first. Body-head-legs or body-legs-head.

R6) Entries attacking the legs first. Low-middle-high or low-high-mid.


R7) Min 1: alternating double left kicks & double right kicks Min 2: power punch combinations (3 punch combos) Min 3: skip knees

Core Work

Min 1: leg lifts

Min 2: crunches

Min 3: Russian Twist

Min 4: 30 sec right side plank/30 sec left side plank

Min 5: Push up position plank (high plank)

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