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Heavy Bag Workout #8

Warm Up

  • 2×3 min rounds of jump rope, 30 seconds of rest
  • 10 squats, 10 push ups in between rounds


R1. Footwork, fakes, feints, and defense. No strikes! Hand feint, shoulder feint, hip feint, switch feint, etc. 

R2. Mix in strikes with the feints. Example, feint the jab, then throw the jab. Feint the cross, then throw the cross, etc. 

  • 10 squats/10 push ups between each round 

Bag Work 

Feints and Fakes

The goal this week is to practice our fakes and feints, in order to get the opponent to “show their cards.” Remember, when we fake and feint, these have to look exactly like the actual strike in order to get a reaction. Practice feinting and faking at live speed! A couple common feints we use:

  • Lead hand feint
  • Rear shoulder feint 
  • Leg lift 
  • Hip turn 
  • Shuffle 

(3 min rounds, 30 sec rest) 

R1) Work on the lead hand feint. Start by throwing the jab or landing the jab on the bag. After you land it, feint it. Once you feint it, go back to the jab. Work on double feints as well! Once you have repped the feint, work on your follow up options. Like I say in class, I generally like to have an “A” option and a “B” option for follow-ups, based on the opponent’s reaction to my feint. Some examples are: A) feint the jab, follow with a 3-2, B) feint the jab, follow with a lead hook and rear low kick. Use your imagination, but pick 2-3 and rep them out a ton! 

R2) rear shoulder feint. Work on throwing the cross, and then feinting the cross. Once you have established the feint, work on a few follow-ups off the feint. Examples: A) feint the cross, follow up with 3-2, B) feint the cross, follow up with lead pendulum kick, C) feint the cross, follow up with the lead hook to the liver. 

R3) Work on the leg lift off both sides. This feint comes after teeping or push kicking. Establish the teep, leg lift, then work your follow-ups. Pick 2-3 and rep them out! MAKE SURE THE LEG LIFT LOOKS LIKE THE TEEP! 

R4) Work on the hip feint. This one comes after a round kick (low, middle, or high). Land the round kick, then feint with the hip turn. Once you ‘ve repped this out, start to work on 2-3 follow-ups after the hip turn. Make sure to sell the hip turn with your whole body, as you would if you were throwing the round kick! 

R5) Shuffle or switch feint. This feint comes after throwing a switch kick or a switch knee. Land the switch kick, then feint the switch. I call switching twice, back to your original stance, a shuffle. Play with both options here. Once you’ve established the feint, start to work 2-3 options off the switch and the shuffle. Move your feet fast and try not to turn your hips or shoulders too much when you do, just your feet! 

R6) Put them all together! Work on all 5 feints this round, and what I call the “order of operations.” 1) land a strike to get the opponent looking for it, 2) feint the strike to force a reaction, 3) follow up with something based on the opponent’s reaction. 4) back to the original strike! 

Finisher: Core Work

5 min round, change exercises every minute 

  1. Leg lifts 
  2. Straight leg crunches
  3. Penguins/Heel Taps
  4. Side plank/ :30 per side 
  5. Plank to push up

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