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February 10, 2012

Move of the Week for 2/13 – 100k Attacks and a Headlock Combo

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 2/13 – 100k Attacks and a Headlock Combo

Move of the Week – Only two videos this week, but they demonstrate some great moves. Professor Easton demonstrates 100k attacks and switching sides, then for Intermediate Stand up, he demonstrates under- or overhook to a front headlock and single leg take down.

F12-stand up:

Stop hands to pummel and LBC.

As this is the same video as last week, the same things apply. Watch your opponents footwork to anticipate his next move so your already moving with the counter. And forget to have the high front and low back contact points for that shearing effect on the takedown. It’s the only way the move is going to work.


100K attacks and switching sides

I 22-Stand up:

Underhook or overhook to front headlock and single

You’ll notice that Professor Easton grabs the leg opposite of the arm he’s using for the single leg, and says he prefers to go for that one. While he doesn’t explain why, it’s easy to see that’s the better move. First, it gives you better leverage to actually take your opponent down. But more importantly, notice his ending position. Professor Easton ends up on his opponents side. Had he taken the leg straight across from his arm, he would have ended up in his opponents guard. So grabbing the opposite leg saved him some considerable time and effort by leaving him in position to immediately take side control.


Buck and roll, knee-elbow

No video

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