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January 23, 2012

Move of the Week 1/23 – Armbar And Basic Elbows

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 1/23 – Armbar And Basic Elbows

Move of the Week for 1/23 – This week, Professor Easton brings us some great techniques for ground and stand up. For the Fundamentals class, he demonstrates the mid level double leg take down and a series of armbar maneuvers. Then for the Intermediate class, Professor Easton demonstrates an elbow striking drill and maintaining side control and taking the mount.

Fundamentals Stand up:

Mid level Double leg

Two key points here are make sure you’re close enough and keep your head high. As Professor Easton demonstrates, starting to far away will leave you vulnerable. And if you keep your head down, you won’t have the leverage to take down your opponent and may find yourself suddenly on the receiving end of a take down.

Fundamentals Ground:

Armbar from guard, (pendulum and technical)

That movement for changing your angle is fundamental to learning good technique. Also, pay attention to getting your ankle under your knee for the triangle. The deeper you get it in there, the more effective it is and the less time the opponent has to try and stack you.

Intermediate Stand up:


In traditional muay Thai, there are 9 different elbow strikes, making them just as versatile as punches, especially in the clinch.  Make sure you use the rotation of your body to put power behind your strike. And don’t forget the skip knee’s drill from last week, which pairs nicely with this one.

Intermediate ground:

Maintaining side control and going to mount

Remember, a lot of jiu jitsu is about hip control. Keep yours low and your opponent’s pinned. Notice how Professor Easton firmly locks his knee and elbow to his partners hips, maintaining control even while switching his hips.

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  1. Thanks Easton Staff for posting these every Mon morn. I’m on-call this week for work and can’t make some of my normal classes. These videos help solidify my theory at home when I can’t make class. Thanks!

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