Author: Sachi Ainge

two teenagers write on a dry erase white board. The heading says Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

How to Make SMART Goals

New Year’s Resolutions Can Be Hard to Keep It’s 2020! The beginning of a new decade, twenty years since Y2K, the second coming of the “Roaring ’20s”. The beginning of a new year is often a time full of hope and ambition. We’re done eating…

A decorated Christmas Tree with Carlos Gracie's portrait and an Easton Muay Thai student in the background.

Children’s Hospital Gift Drive 2019

Easton Training Center’s annual Holiday Gift Drive benefitting Children’s Hospital Colorado is in full swing. During this season of giving and gratitude, this is one of our favorite ways to spread some Easton love into our greater Colorado community. Every year throughout the month of…

Two women wearing protective gear in the Easton Muay Thai smoker. One kicks the other while a coach looks on.

Easton Winter Muay Thai Smoker 2019

On Saturday December 14th the mood was electric in Easton Training Center Denver. The semi-annual in-house Muay Thai smoker is always an exciting day, with coaches, competitors, and spectators filling the Denver academy for a day of fights. The smoker is one of the most…


Holiday Membership Gift Cards

Looking for a great gift for someone special on your list? Give the gift of training! If you have a friend who would love being part of the Easton Training Center community, you can help them get started with a membership this holiday season. Exclusively…

Over 200 Easton BJJ students and instructors in gi at the belt promotion 2018.

Belt Promotion Fall 2019

Saturday November 2nd at Easton Denver10:00 AM Randori11:00 AM Promotion Ceremony Please keep an eye on this list as we get closer to the event, as we sometimes add more names after our first publishing. Come train at the all-academy randori, and celebrate with your…


Focus of the Week 9/30/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids 9.30.2019 – 10.6.2019 BJJ Fundamentals Punch Defense to Side Clinch – Closed Guard Bottom – Punch Defense and Back Take – Intermediate Drills: Torreando Takedown: Side Clinch Ground: Defend Punches and Soneca Omoplata Video Kickboxing – Angles…

two women wearing boxing gloves face each other, one aims a teep kick at the other's stomach

Focus of the Week 9/23/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids 9.23.2019 – 9.29.2019 BJJ Fundamentals Low-Level Single-Leg Takedown – Top of Closed Guard – Passing Under – Intermediate Drills: Torreando Takedown: Side Clinch series Ground: Defend Punches and Soneca Omoplata Video Advanced Drills: Ground: Kickboxing – Push…

Clinch Muay Thai

Focus of the Week – 4/22/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids 4.22.2019 – 4.28.2019 BJJ Fundamentals Headlock Escapes Intermediate Drills: Torreando Takedown: Uchi Mata Ground: Suskin Sweep Series Video Kickboxing – Leg Kicks This week in KB 1, we look at attacking the legs of our opponent, using…