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April 12, 2021

Back to the Mats

Sachi Ainge

Back to the Mats

After over a year of pandemic life, we’re finally starting to see parts of our “old normal” returning! As vaccines become more readily available in Colorado, and government restrictions relax, we are all looking forward to the rest of 2021. At Easton, we’re incredibly excited to welcome back all the familiar faces we’ve been missing over the last year.

Getting Started Again

We know that many of our members who have been suspended or canceled are gearing up to return to training. We can’t wait to see you! To help you get started again, we’re offering a discount on your first month back.

Begin your training again for $99, and before you know it, you’ll be back in your groove. Contact your home academy to re-enroll.

What to Expect

Beginning May 1st, 2021, we are returning to our normal operations. This means cross-program training is available, you can attend classes at all locations, and we aren’t imposing restrictions on people who return from travel. We’ll still be doing detailed contact tracing and following all regulations from the state and our individual counties.

two men in jiu jitsu rash guards and surgical masks

Be Kind to Yourself

If you’ve been gone a while, you might be chomping at the bit to get on the mat, or you might be feeling a little nervous about getting started again. Feeling either of these (or both at the same time) is totally normal! Don’t worry, your friends are ready to welcome you back with open arms (and some friendly leg kicks and armbars).

As you get back into training, remember, we’re playing the long game here! Ease back into your training schedule, take good care of your body, and most of all, be kind to yourself. Don’t feel pressure to jump in exactly where you left off. Be patient, give yourself some time to warm up again, and avoid getting sidelined with an injury.

The future is looking bright, and we’re grateful to be on this journey together! See you on the mat!


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