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November 2, 2020

Children’s Hospital Gift Drive

Sachi Ainge

Children’s Hospital Gift Drive

It’s time for our annual holiday gift drive! Every year the Easton community bands together to donate presents for the many kids who are spending the holiday season as patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado. For these kids’ families, managing the holidays can be an added strain while they deal with the challenges of supporting a sick or injured child.

Because of the pandemic, this year has been especially tough on so many people. This gift drive is one way for us to reach out to families in our broader Colorado community and make their holiday season a little brighter and a little more normal.

Want to participate in the gift drive?

  • Check out the hospital’s wish list and donation guidelines.
  • Purchase the item(s) of your choice, please don’t gift wrap them.
  • Bring gifts to your home academy by Saturday 12/12.


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