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January 25, 2011

Upcoming Seminars at Easton BJJ

Amal Easton

Upcoming Seminars at Easton BJJ

We have two great seminars coming up soon at our Boulder and South Denver Locations.  You can register for either of the seminars at any Easton BJJ Academy or online.

Mental Toughness & Wrestling

First up is a Mental Toughness seminar featuring Braumon Creighton.   Braumon operates his own wrestling school in California and will be flying in to give our students the benefits of his mental training.

Date- Sat January 29th

When-  9-11am

Who- Braumon Creighton

What- Mental Toughness seminar boulder

Where- Easton Boulder

Level- Open to all levels

Cost- $25

Register Now

Tyrone Glover Teaches BJJ Foot & Leg Locks – The Sequel!

Next up is Tyrone Glover’s seminar for foot and leg locks.  Tyrone Glover competes in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA, and has also been practicing law for the last few years!

Date- Saturday Febuary 12th

When- 12 to 2pm

Who- Tyrone Glover– Footlocks Volume II

What: Review of basic foot and leg locks along with my favorite setups and techniques

Where: Easton South

Cost- $25

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