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March 28, 2011

Ricardo Almeida at Easton BJJ!

Amal Easton

Ricardo Almeida at Easton BJJ!

Hey everyone, we have a special guest coming to visit next Monday. Ricardo Almeida will be teaching a No GI jiu jitsu seminar on Monday, April 4th. The event will be $25 per person, and all proceeds will go to a charity for autism. Professor Almeida is a current UFC fighter and a legend in the BJJ and MMA world and a longtime friend of Professor Easton.

Professor Ricardo Almeida

Professor Almeida was the first student Renzo Gracie ever awarded a black belt, and he is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a member of the Renzo Gracie Competition Team.

Prior to even coming to the United States, Professor Almeida has attained:

  • 4 National Titles
  • Pan Am Gold medal.
  • Silver Medalist at the ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships
  • Veteran of Pride FC and the UFC
  • Submission of the Event at UFC 35 in Las Vegas, NV

Professor Almeida is a highly skilled grappler and this seminar promises to be interesting and exciting! So come down and roll with the legend with us! Please bring No Gi attire and it will last 1.5 hours. All are welcome!!

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Boulder students please note that all Brazilian jiu jitsu classes will be canceled after 6:30pm. All Muay Thai classes are still in session though!


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