Shae Smith

BJJ, BJJ Coach, Boulder, Brown Belt

Coach Shae Smith moved to Colorado when he was 16 years old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when his oldest brother began attending CU Boulder. His hobbies outside of work include hiking, biking around town, drilling the Berimbolo, and learning about the cosmos.

Shae had been interested in Mixed Martial Arts fighting for some time before he started practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He expressed his interest in fighting to a coworker, who then showed him a video of Fedor Emelianenko. He was instantly hooked. He then went to watch a local MMA fight, where Easton BJJ purple belt Dustin Brown made his successful amateur debut. A few days later, Shae took his first BJJ class, and felt he had found his purpose. He made the decision to dedicate himself fully to his practice, adjusted his schedule at work in order to begin training full time. He hasn’t stopped since.

After training BJJ at Easton Training Center for some time, Shae felt that the natural next step was to become an instructor. When coaching, his primary focus is to teach his students effective techniques and movements. Above all, he strives to show his students that anyone can do Jiu Jitsu. He wants students to come away from his classes not only feeling that they have learned and accomplished something, but that they have had fun. Shae feels that Jiu Jitsu is certainly something to be taken seriously, but his philosophy is that having fun makes learning easy. When Shae’s students leave his class, they are sweaty and smiling.

Shae’s goals include improving himself as a coach as well as a fighter, and he aspires to compete at the international level. His Jiu Jitsu heroes are some of the so-called smaller competitors who exemplify the finer points of BJJ technique, including the Mendes brothers, Miyao brothers, Michael Langhi, and Leandro Lo.