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December 7, 2015

Jeff Estrada wins at PFC 12

Sachi Ainge

Jeff Estrada wins at PFC 12

Coach Jeff Estrada of ETC Centennial has been fighting for five years, originally under Team WildMan, but recently made the switch to Easton Training Center to be able to train closer to home. A long-time wrestler, he began coaching wrestling classes in Centennial this fall, and has fallen in love with Jiu Jitsu and the Easton community.
When Professor Vellore told Jeff he had a fight lined up for the Prize Fighting Championship Rock ‘N’ Rumble, Jeff jumped right into the style of training he’s always used for wrestling. He says, “As a wrestler, you just go into this dark place of training where you become a machine. You embrace the grind, and just train like it’s your last go–and that’s exactly what I did.” Between hitting mitts with Professor Vellore, training in Jiu Jitsu with Professor Ethan, and training in wrestling with his club, Sons of Thunder, he filled his days with practice and preparation. Ten days out, he was following his typical routine–a five-mile run, two hours of wrestling practice, followed by Jiu Jitsu class. He popped a rib out of place in the middle of class while he was rolling, and was in a great deal of pain, but decided to stay for the end of class. He was glad he did, because at the very end, Professors Ethan and Vellore presented him with his blue belt, and Jeff says, “At that moment I knew where I belonged. Wrestling is who I am, it’s what I do, but right then I knew that Jiu Jitsu is who I am becoming.”
Despite his rib, the fight went off without a hitch. Though Jeff had planned to stay on his feet and use his striking, they ended up on the ground in the first round. His opponent Jesse Ames attempted a knee bar and a heel hook, both of which Jeff was able to escape, but not before suffering a minor meniscus tear. They got back on their feet, and Jeff took Ames down, securing a TKO with seconds left in the first round. Looking back on the fight, Jeff would have liked to display more of his striking capabilities, but is happy for the win. As he works on his recovery, he’s looking forward to getting back to his training and fitness routines in a few weeks.
Looking to the future, Jeff has big plans and aspirations. He wants to continue to develop his Jiu Jitsu, competing in local tournaments as much as possible, and he’d eventually like to explore the possibilities of professional MMA. He says, “I’m blessed to have found a home and family at ETC Centennial. They have treated me better than I could have ever expected, and they cause me to want to be a better student, coach, father, and all-around better person. Jiu Jitsu is changing my life. I suggest it to everyone I meet. Of course, I tell them they need a great wrestling background, but hey, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.”
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