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September 28, 2016

Instructor Highlight: Coach Wes Argrow

Sachi Ainge

Instructor Highlight: Coach Wes Argrow

Coach Wes Argrow is a Kickboxing instructor at Easton Training Center Boulder, and a member of the Easton Fight Team. He’s a member favorite and a hard worker, always dedicating himself to his students and his training while also working as a mechanic in his father’s auto repair business in Boulder.  Like many, Wes found his way to martial arts through an initial interest in MMA, and when he first began exploring the  in 2010, he focused on Western boxing, wanting to build a solid striking foundation from the start. He found Easton in 2013, and began taking Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes simultaneously at the Boulder academy’s old location with the goal of becoming a more well-rounded fighter and taking his training to the next level. By 2014 he was coaching boxing classes at the new location.


True to his goals, Wes has competed as an amateur several times in the years since. Most recently he traveled to New York with the Easton Fight Team in May to fight in the World Kickboxing Association’s national tournament, competing in two divisions, and taking silver in both. Since the tournament, he’s been training hard, learning a great deal about finessing his techniques throughout the summer. The last few months have been about pushing the pace with the team, and  Wes remarks that he is proud of the group’s improvement. “We push each other when we train, and we all train to help each other become successful.” This attitude of teamwork and valuation of collective success is one of the core tenets of the Easton philosophy. The willingness to help one another–to teach and be taught–makes everyone better.
Wes’ training is about to be put to the test this month, and he’s excited for his next bout, a Sparta Combat League Muay Thai title fight on October 15th. In a fight, Wes’ favorite techniques are movement based. He likes to keep his opponent guessing and his next move concealed. Following the fight, he’ll be preparing for a training trip to Thailand with Coach Terrence Moore. The pair will leave on November 30th for a six-week trip. Training in Thailand has long been an ambition for the pair, and they can’t wait to get out there! If you’re interested in supporting their trip, both Wes and Terrence have availability to coach private lessons leading up to their departure.


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