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August 21, 2011

What to Drink While Working Out

Amal Easton

What to Drink While Working Out

Everyone knows they need to stay hydrated. But what you drink to stay hydrated during and after your workout can make an impact. And when you spend hours on the mat for jiu jitsu, you want them to be well spent, not cramped. Three common fluids in the gym are water, sport drinks and energy drinks, but not all drinks are created equal.

What Type?

Dihydrogen Monoxide

The basic building block of life, this is what you should reach for first. Water is the critical component of sweat, so what goes out, must be replaced. With a variety of bottled waters to choose from, it’s easy to take with you. And even if you don’t have a bottle, there’s always the tap.

“Sport Drinks”

With big marketing campaigns starring big name athletes , sport drinks have taken a significant role in sport hydration. There are as many types of sport drink as there are soda (which you should never drink. Ever.) Apart from replacing fluid that’s lost due to physical exertion, sports drinks are also aimed at replacing such things in the body as sodium and potassium = electrolytes.  These are what make your muscles work, but they come out in your sweat. If you sweat enough, this is something to worry about. But most people consume enough salt anyway, so it’s really a matter of choice.

Canned Caffeine

Energy drinks may provide you with a kick start, but it doesn’t last long. And since a good part of that energy comes from sugar, it’s just going to leave you drained afterwards. Oh, don’t forget, caffeine is a diuretic too, so it’s just going to dehydrate you further. While an energy drink is great for replacing a cup of coffee, it’s not so hot at replenishing water.

There are all sorts of drinks on the market that claim to make you perform at a higher level. If you’re aim is to do it the right way, good old water and sports drinks should be amongst the top picks. They hydrate the body in a healthy way. While it is always important to keep hydrated, another important thing to consider is eating well for exercising. To get the most out of your jiu jitsu training in Castle Rock,  consider the different fluid replacement drinks carefully. Be sure to do your research and choose what’s best for you.


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  1. Just to be a dick, water (H2O) is technically hydrogen hydroxide – the polar bonding of the positively charged hydrogen ion (H+) and the negatively charged hydroxide ion (OH-). Yeah, BJJ tends to attract a lot of nerds!

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