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October 30, 2022

The Ultimate Muay Thai Resource

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Resource

Welcome to Muay Thai! You’ve waited this long, you can’t wait to dive in.

Muay Thai is one of the two disciplines we focus on at Easton Training Center, and one of the first things to note is that there is no universal ranking system in this sport.

Unlike Jiu Jitsu, which has the IBJJF system, every school approaches its Muay Thai program a little differently. This sets the tone for what its students are allowed to do at what levels, and how hard they can go. This also means that every academy has a unique culture within their Muay Thai community, and when visiting other places it’s incredibly important to be respectful, observant and to listen.

At Easton Training Center, we use a colored shirt ranking system which goes from white to black shirt. Students start out in our Kickboxing Program, and upon receiving their Yellow Shirts become admitted into the Muay Thai Program.

We break down what each of our shirts means here:

White Shirt

You’ve been attending Kickboxing classes for a month with us and have a basic understanding of your kicks, punches and footwork! You have a willingness to learn and we’re happy to teach you.

Yellow Shirt

More than just getting comfortable with the pace at which class runs, you can keep up with the intensity of cardio in a sustainable way. You have good technique, and your controlled movements make you a safe and welcome partner. You can now take our Muay Thai classes!

Orange Shirt

You can keep up with a higher pace of movement and cardio, and you know how to hold pads for others. You’ve mastered pad work, your form and footwork, and are ready to move into some tech sparring.

Green Shirt

You’ve put in the work and consistently train, and this shirt means we trust you to start sparring! It also means you’re qualified to participate in our In-House Smoker!

Blue Shirt

This rank means you’ve been sparring and training live and starting to find your style. You can work with any skill level and have a solid amount of experience, patience, balance and knowledge about Muay Thai.

Purple Shirt

You’ve developed your own style and understand the sport side of Muay Thai, from scoring to traditions and customs. This rank shows a dedication and consistency, and typically comes after 4-5 years of study.

Brown Shirt

A brown shirt is basically a black shirt, without the time. You’ve shown technical expertise, conceptual understanding and knowledge of Muay Thai’s customs and traditions. Not only do you have your own style, but you can identify other styles and know how to neutralize them.

Black Shirt

You show an outstanding dedication and commitment to training and studying Muay Thai, and technical and conceptual expertise. After a decade of training, you’re basically a Muay Thai encyclopedia!

Coach Sean Madden who heads up our striking program wrote an excellent piece describing why Muay Thai has no ranking system which you can read here!

Kickboxing + Muay Thai Resources

We also have some other informative articles on what to expect when starting out! From how to keep your gear clean to tips for beginner sparring, a history of Muay Thai’s founder, and at-home routines you can do to continue your technical work outside of class!

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If you’re working out at home, don’t forget to stretch and drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

Done with all the reading and now you’re ready to try for yourself? Sign up for a free class at one of our nine locations!

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