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February 15, 2020

Martial Arts Instructor Spotlight: Mike Phipps

Zack Chandler

Martial Arts Instructor Spotlight: Mike Phipps

Origin Story

Coach Mike hails from Pleasantville, Iowa (population 1000). He describes it as a quaint little town with nice enough people, but unfortunately a lot of these people aren’t interested in self-growth or open-mindedness. He moved to Boulder, CO with his partner after she enrolled at CU grad school. Inspired by her, Mike also enrolled at CU gradschool where he works as a TA while he’s pursuing his graduate degree.


Mike attributes his highschool athletic career with instilling in him a relentless work ethic, desire for improvement, and belief in himself that has carried over into his martial arts training.  When Mike first joined the high school wrestling team, he was made aware of his deficiencies almost immediately.  Everyone in the room was better than him, and he knew it.  Instead of getting discouraged however, Mike determined to improve himself by working every day toward that goal.  

Martial Arts experience

Mike has had a number of MMA/kickboxing fights and is also an experienced jiu-jitsu competitor. Coach Mike was first exposed to martial arts during his first semester at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. He joined the University Muay Thai club and took an immediate liking to it. After taking a year hiatus from school and five year break from martial arts to film a camping/survival documentary with his buddies, he resumed his martial arts training at Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy after returning to Iowa State University, this time as a creative writer.

Martial Arts philosophy

Those who know Mike can attest to his integrity and encouragement on and off the mats. He’s a humble beast who refuses to delude himself with self-inflating thought/behavior and is ready to put in the work to improve himself everyday. Coach Mike also desires the same for his students and training partners. He attributes this tireless work ethic and belief in himself to his wrestling experience. Mike was used to being the worst guy in the room, and took steps to improve himself. He got comfortable in uncomfortable situations and was able to push himself past his limits. He puts himself through this process constantly, along with his students and teammates.

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