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November 5, 2013

I Will Not Lose!!

Mike Tousignant

I Will Not Lose!!


“Let’s go V!”  I can hear Professor Ethan’s voice pushing for me to get one more pass.  I get it as the timer goes off and I’m feeling good!  Feeling like I’m ready and it’s my time to make some waves.  This is the feeling I’m always shooting for…that little edge of confidence that comes from knowing that I’ve trained hard and that my mind and body are tuned for what is to come!  “I will not lose!”, I tell myself in my head.

 Those were my feelings after my last hard training before I left for California for the No Gi Worlds this past weekend.  Needless to say, I did lose…as evident by my 3rd place showing at the No Gi Worlds this past weekend.  Making the podium is a big deal at these events and I am grateful, but it is also a little disappointing at the same time.  It’s normal to feel a little dejected after trying hard to get ready and not having the desired outcome.  “Only one guy gets the gold Vellore,” Professor Amal says in a phone call shortly after the matches. “If it were only about the win, 99% of the people would have a bad time.  It’s about the journey…the experience.”He’s right too, because the tournament is what pushes me to work harder than I would, to grow more in a shorter time.  The expectation of the upcoming showdown looms over all of my decisions.

Truth is, preparing for the tournament brings the best out of me, not winning the tournament.  Winning is just icing on the cake, but everyone won’t make it to the top spot.  Everyone did however put blood, sweat, and tears into their preparation, and for that one reason they are better today than they would have been.  So I’ll keep putting it on the line because I know that it’s true…when it comes to this wonderful sport I love….

I Will Not Lose!

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