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July 15, 2018

UPCOMING: In-House Smoker at Easton Training Center

Liz Gerrity

UPCOMING: In-House Smoker at Easton Training Center


It’s almost that time again! For Easton Muay Thai students who have developed the itch to compete, the bi-annual in-house Smoker represents the first step on the road to their first Muay Thai competition. Students ranked as green shirts or above may consult their coach if they are interested in stepping into the ring. This sparring exhibition will be an opportunity to show the techniques developed in training with another Easton student in a friendly environment.  If you are interested in signing up, get permission from your coach and visit the front desk at your academy.


WHERE: ETC Denver, 1304 S Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80223

WHO: Easton Muay Thai students ranked green shirt and above, with instructor approval

DATE: AUGUST 4, 2018
Fights start at 12:00 noon.


– Feast on delicious food truck eats while you watch the bouts – vendor to be announced!
– Keg will be available with a $5 cup donation
– For the first time, we will be doing an “Introduction to Muay Thai and Wai Kru” during the intermission of the fights!



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