Holiday Closure: All Easton Schools Closed Dec.14 & morning classes cancelled Dec.15

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December 12, 2013

2013 Holiday Staff Party

Brian Carlsen

2013 Holiday Staff Party

If you’re a part of the Easton family you have seen first hand how hard all your instructors, managers, and staff work to bring you the highest quality facilities, experience, and instruction available.  Whether it’s watching hours of film to stay current with the most effective techniques, implementing a new management system to make things work more smoothly around the academy, or researching different learning style and teaching techniques, countless hours of work are put in by the Easton staff behind the scenes.  Knowing how hard everybody works to build the strongest martial arts community in Colorado, Profs. Amal Easton and Eliot Marshal host an annual Holiday Staff Party.  All the schools are closed for the night, giving the students a chance to rest and the staff the chance to catch up with friends from the other academies, blow off a little steam, and have a great time.  Hosted by T|aco, the staff is treated to the best tacos and margaritas (for those of age) in Colorado.  Having 50 BJJ, Muay Thai, and fitness instructors, as well as friends and spouses, locked in one place for the night always makes for some interesting and crazy stories.  If you ask, you’re instructor may just tell you about what happened, or they may take you down and choke you out if they did something embarrassing (just kidding).
A big thanks to the whole Easton staff for another great year, especially Mike TousignantAmal Easton, and Eliot Marshall, and another thank you to T|aco for hosting the event.


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