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December 18, 2023

Easton Kids Muay Thai Kids Belt Ranking System

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Easton Kids Muay Thai Kids Belt Ranking System

While Muay Thai does not have one standardized belt or ranking system, over the last decade, the coaches at Easton Training Center have developed and implemented our Tigers Muay Thai ranking system. This allows for both students and instructors to recognize progress and competency in the art, and have tangible markers or milestones.  

Holding the same weight and mirroring the same timelines as the internationally recognized IBJJF ranking system used in our Kids BJJ programs, our belt system is rigorous, demanding and requires time and effort to progress through.  

Progress is not linear. The Tigers Muay Thai belt system requires technical knowledge, self-control and verifiable competency for one to progress. 

At Easton Training Center, our goal is to ensure that every student has a clear understanding of their potential trajectory, and that we are providing goals and benchmarks for them to aspire to. We want every student to achieve a black-shirt in Muay Thai and a Black Belt in BJJ, and to be recognized and rewarded for their effort and commitment along the way!

In the world of Tigers Muay Thai, reaching the next rank is not just about clocking in hours, but a holistic assessment of a student’s dedication and skills. Our instructors follow a well-defined set of criteria when considering promotions, ensuring that every student’s journey through the ranks is a true testament to their commitment and ability.

Tigers Muay Thai Belt Ranking

White Belt – This is the belt given to everybody upon signing up for Tigers Muay Thai. Students earn four stripes on their white belts before being promoted to yellow. We like to say that without their White Belts, students can’t earn any other belts, so this is the most important!

Yellow Belt – Yellow belt is the next level up from white belt. It shows that students have committed to Muay Thai for at least five months. Students must earn four stripes on their yellow belt to get promoted to orange. At Yellow Belt, students are eligible to compete in scrimmages, and to take Intermediate level classes. Yellow Belt shows that they are familiar with the basics necessary to begin contact drills. 

Orange Belt – Students stay at this belt level for about 7+ months, earning six stripes on their orange belt before they get promoted to blue. By the end of this belt cycle, students will show that they are familiar with the ‘E-Class’ competition ruleset, and understand the basics of scoring and winning a Muay Thai fight. 

Blue Belt – Students stay at this level for about 7+ months as well, earning a stripe each month before they’re ready to earn their purple belt.

Purple Belt – This belt is the last belt that takes approximately seven months to move through its ranks before earning red, and last of our ‘Intermediate’ belts. As the level of difficulty increases, the safety precautions we take increase as well, making sure that students know how to take care of themselves and their partners before progressing.

Red Belt – Red belt requires more hard work and dedication, knowing it may be a while before you earn your green belt, and the journey is most important. Students earn eight stripes on their red belts before moving on to green, and must train for at least nine months. This belt is basically a Green Belt without the same amount of time. We expect a high level of technical proficiency, and should not be concerned about students at this level defending themselves in a Youth or Adult ruleset. 

Green Belt – Green belt is the final belt a student will earn in our Tigers Muay Thai program. The highest rank on this belt is 10 stripes, which takes approximately 11 months to a year to complete. Students who are awarded this level should show the same understanding and technical proficiency as an Adult Green Shirt. When students transition from this belt to the Adult MT program, they will be eligible for a Green or Blue Shirt. 

So what are the criteria that we look for in promotion?

First and foremost, the element of time plays a crucial role in the promotion process. We take into account the date of the last promotion and the total time a student has been training. However, time alone doesn’t cut it. Consistency is key.

To be eligible for promotion, students must exhibit recent attendance consistency, attending classes regularly (at least 2 times a week) over the past two months. This not only speaks to their dedication but also ensures they’re well-prepared for the next level.

Moreover, classes taken are a fundamental factor in the promotion equation. Any promotions that deviate from the class requirements must be approved by the location’s Kid’s Department Head. 

Beyond these quantitative measures, merit is the lynchpin of promotion. Students must demonstrate not just the physical skills but also the ethos of Tigers Muay Thai, embracing our core values and showing an appropriate level of self-control on and off the mat.

So, who holds the authority to bestow promotions? Easton Muay Thai instructors with a Green Shirt and above have this privilege, ensuring that experienced hands guide the journey. For colored belts, approval by the location’s Kids Department Head or Kids MT Lead Coach is a mandatory checkpoint. 

The student’s aspirations, especially regarding competition, are another aspect to consider, emphasizing that it’s better to promote slowly and steadily, rather than rushing through the ranks. This ensures that when the student does compete, they’ll be truly ready.

In Tigers Muay Thai, promotions are a reflection of not just time spent but the character, dedication, and skillset of our students, ensuring they rise through the ranks with integrity and excellence.

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