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May 1, 2012

Move of the Week for 5/7 – Escaping Knee on Belly and Osoto Gari

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 5/7 – Escaping Knee on Belly and Osoto Gari

Move of the Week for 5/7 – This week, Professor demonstrates some great sweeps, defending the mount and the Thai clench. He also gives us an excellent method for escaping knee to belly.


Osoto Gari +Foot Sweep

The Osoto Gari and Foot Sweep are two of the most basic takedowns, but they’re still effective. Plus they set some fundamental techniques for more advanced movements. The key for both is having your opponent off balance. As Professor Easton demonstrates with the Osoto Gari, the key is getting all of your opponents weight on one leg. Stepping past your opponent while still holding him causes him to put further weight on the leg and be off balance for your foot. The foot sweep has a similar reliance on balance. Notice how Professor Easton takes his partner down accidentally. And all he did was put his foot on his partners shin. When done right, there doesn’t even have to be any force in the sweep. Don’t think of it as kicking the feet out from beneath your opponent; you’re basically just tripping him.

Mount Bottom Buck and Roll + Basic Knee to Elbow

The buck and roll and the knee to elbow are two different ways to escape mount. The buck and roll doesn’t always work, so the knee to elbow is a great follow up because it’s pretty reliable. However, the buck and roll leaves you in much better position (opponents guard vs. your half guard) so that’s the first move you want to make when someone has mount. As Professor Easton mentions, you’ll not have a lot of time when someone gets the mount on you, so drilling this maneuver until it’s automatic is a good idea.


Knee to Stomach Escape

The knee to stomach is one of the more irritating techniques you can have someone get you with. Everything’s going fine, then suddenly you can’t breathe because someone’s shoving their knee in you diaphragm.  Well, no more. Professor Easton demonstrates a fantastic way to get out from it. It’s very common to see people put their hands on their opponents knee, then try to shrimp out from below. That will get you free, but it doesn’t help your position any. Professor Easton’s technique not only lets you escape, but it puts you in a much better position strategically.

Skip Knees/Plum/Barn Knees

Getting your opponent in the clench is an opportune time to throw some knees. Professor Easton demonstrates some great drills for getting used to throwing a knee quickly and efficiently. Notice how Professor Easton switches his hips for the barn knees, to give them a bigger impact.

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