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April 3, 2012

Move of the Week for 4/9 – Massa Pao Arm Bar and Front Choke

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 4/9 – Massa Pao Arm Bar and Front Choke

Move of the Week This week, Professor Easton demonstrates the double leg take down plus two excellent combos that look good and work even better.

Fundamentals :

Double Leg Mid Level

Professor Easton demonstrates the proper way to do a basic mid-level double-leg take down.As he says, it’s important that you get in close enough to push your opponent back as you perform the move. It puts your opponent off balance and makes the move much easier.

Guard Bottom “Front Choke+Side Sweeps”

This is a great combo, and has several fundamental movements in it. The first part of the choke is always a great move when your on the bottom, and not sure what you want to do. It allows you to control your opponent a bit and it’s a constant threat. Make sure you get your hand as deep into the collar as you can. Notice when Professor Easton is actually doing the choke, he doesn’t pull his arms apart, but rather pulls them to his sides. This is far more effective.


Massa Pao Arm Bar and Sweep

This combo looks pretty ninja when it’s done fast, right? The Masso Pao is an uncomfortable choke. As Professor Easton says, you need to be careful when someone uses it on you, so in a real life situation, you need to think fast.  This arm bar is a great defense for it  and the finishing sweep at the end just makes it even more practical.

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