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April 17, 2012

Move of the Week for 4/23 – Tripod Sweep to Armbar and Triangle from Defense

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 4/23 – Tripod Sweep to Armbar and Triangle from Defense

Move of the Week for 4/23 – This week, Professor Easton demonstrates head lock defense and some basic groundwork. For the intermediate class, he shows us an incredible tripod sweep to armbar to triangle combo.


Standing Head-lock

For self defense, it’s important to know how to break a head-lock. This is one of the most common moves made in a street fight, but if you know how to defend it, a head lock loses a lot of it’s effectiveness. And as Professor Easton demonstrates, it’s not a hard defense and even better, it ends with your opponent on the ground where, as a student of jiu jitsu, you’ll have the advantage.

Escape 100k Bottom Basic Frame +Pummel to Head-lock Escapes

One of the first difficulties people run into in jiu jitsu is using their whole body. This is a fundamental technique that will help you with that. As Professor Easton explains, it’s important to catch your opponent’s arm before it goes around your head. This way he’ll be unable to secure you, at which point you can pummel and get out from under him.

Intermediate 32:

Tripod Sweep to Armbar and Triangle from Defense

The tripod sweep is great. As Professor Easton demonstrates, it’s not hard and as long as you get your opponent down, you end up in great position for an armbar or triangle. The key here is dropping your hips as your opponent stands. That gives you the necessary leverage to take him down. While it’s much easier to do when you have your opponent’s sleeve, it can be done even without by pushing off with the arm opposite of the direction you’re taking him down.

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