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April 10, 2012

Move of the Week for 4/16 – Foot, Ankle, and Knee Bars

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 4/16 – Foot, Ankle, and Knee Bars

Move of the Week for 4/16 – This week, Professor Easton demonstrates a basic but effective takedown as well as a great guard pass. He also demonstrates a few different ways to attack the leg.


Single Leg Mid Level

The single leg mid level is one of the most basic takedowns, and set’s good fundamentals to build on. As Professor Easton demonstrates, it’s important to pay attention to your grip. There’s not much more embarrassing than getting your opponent’s leg and they simply break your grip. It might be somewhat confusing trying to pull up with your arms, down with your shoulder and up with your head all at the same time, but with a little practice, it will become second nature.

Guard Pass Under

When you’re trying to pass guard, you only have two immediate options: either over or under. Today, Professor Easton is demonstrating passing the guard by going under. While this is a basic pass, it’s pretty effective when you do it properly and it keeps you from getting caught in a half guard. And even if your opponent does go for an armbar, Professor Easton demonstrates how to take advantage of that, too.


Foot, Ankle and Knee Bars

Professor Easton demonstrates several attacks on the leg. When practicing these techniques, it’s important to be careful. You can easily injure either yourself or your partner. Use control, and don’t hesitate to tap. It’s practice. Otherwise, these are some great moves. Make sure you keep your foot on the proper side of your opponent, and practice that drill.

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