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July 30, 2012

Move of the week 7/30 Rear Defense, Chokes and Guard Attacks

Amal Easton

Move of the week 7/30 Rear Defense, Chokes and Guard Attacks

Move of the week for 7/30 Fundamentals 17- Stand Up- Rear Bear Hug Defense

Remember to always protect your neck! The worst thing that can happen in this position is that you get choked out. The second worst thing would be for you to get picked up and thrown. To prevent the throw you must prevent the lift first. If you want to lift something heavy you keep it close to you. To prevent being thrown you have to move your weight away from your partner and lower your base. If you find yourself picked up promptly hook their leg with your leg to avoid the slam.

Fundamentals 17- Ground- Guard Attack-Triangle Choke

Intermediate 14- Stand Up- Renzo Hip-throw- Walking

Jiu Jitsu is all about giving your partner everything they want….. and just a little more. Hip throws present themselves when your opponent pushes into you. Instead of pushing back, (that’s muscle, not Jiu Jitsu!), hit your hip throw. Do not try to throw your partner unless they are giving you the energy for it. Practice this set up only when your partner leans into you. Jumping into the throw position with no energy for the throw only gives your partner the advantage. Feel which way your partner wants to go, then take them there!


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