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July 20, 2012

Move of the Week 7/16- Basic Hip Throw, Back Escape and Single Legs

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 7/16- Basic Hip Throw, Back Escape and Single Legs

Move of the week for 7/16/12 – This week Professor Easton explains and demonstrates the fundamentals of a Basic Hip Throw,  Back Defense Escapes both A + B and Intermediate Single Leg from Mid Level.

Fundamentals- Basic Hip Throw

Basic Hip Throw

This move can easily be done if the opponents momentum is already moving forward towards you. The key is to step into that momentum with your right foot as you grab the back of the neck and the lower elbow while pulling your opponent towards you. (It is very important while doing so not to break the momentum). Notice how Professor Easton starts from a 3-step entry also known as a ” bunny hop”. While working through the bunny hop be sure to use the balls of your feet. Guide your opponent into the fall as he hits the ground, you have successfully completed the Hip Throw.


Fundamentals- Back Defense- Escapes A + B (I 27 and F 7)


As you notice Professor Easton demonstrates  2 types of escapes he refers to  A(Safe Side) and B ( Risky).  While performing Back Escape A, it is important to walk back as you drive the arm up, almost forcing his leg hold to loosen.   While performing Back Escape B (Risky) you will catch his arm, when doing this keep his arm up and out of his reach, if he grabs it your not getting your head out! Get comfortable with your Risky and Safe Sides and your well on your way to escaping back control with ease.


Intermediate- Single Leg Mid Level Take Down

Basically what your doing in a single leg is catching the leg with your hands  right palm down and left  palm up , your head is held high to prevent getting put into a sprawl. Break their stance and force them into a hop, now you have control to steer them into a take down.Pay attention to how Professor Easton grips his hands with palm facing correctly because gripping the wrong way will result in the leg becoming free and you are no longer in control.

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