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November 12, 2012

Easton Training Center-BJJ-Move of the Week Videos 11/12

Amal Easton

Easton Training Center-BJJ-Move of the Week Videos 11/12

BJJ Move of the Week for 11/12 Easton Training Center Professor Easton Demonstrates Jab, Buck Roll and Pro-Armbar techniques.

Fundamentals Stand up: jab and cross with footwork

Fundamentals Ground: Basic buck and roll + knee-elbow

Intermediate Stand up: Mid level Double

Intermediate Ground: massa pao-armbar and sweep

The Move of the Week is posted every week with exclusive BJJ technique videos Professor Easton demonstrates detailed BJJ maneuvers and skills studied at Easton Training Center. Men, Women and Kids of all skill levels and ages are welcome to reserve a free orientation and try a free class or session at one of our 6 locations. You are invited to sign up today for a free class of your choice. Please see individual page per city for details regarding classes offered and schedules.


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