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October 8, 2012

Move of the Week 10/8 Ground Armbar and Stand up Dragging Rear Fundamentals

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 10/8 Ground Armbar and Stand up Dragging Rear Fundamentals

Fundamentals Stand-up: Dragging Rear Naked

Pay close attention to the sequence of attack when performing this move. You FIRST get your partner to the ground, THEN apply the choke. We are not latching onto their neck and dragging them to the ground. As professor Easton demonstrates, you simply bump your partners upper body backwards while stopping their lower body. Both partners need to be careful on the way to the ground to prevent injury. The person doing the takedown should set their partner down gently, while the uki should not extend their arms out to catch themselves. Once on the ground you can attempt the choke once your instructor has demonstrated it.

Fundamentals Ground Maintain Back: switching sides armbar if time

We see the same philosophy here as we did a few weeks ago with attacking the mount. Being able to maintain the position indefinitely will lead to a submission. Trying to rush the submission will lead to loosing the position. Remember to keep both under hooks until you are ready to choke. When you attack you only remove one under hook at a time. It can be difficult to properly grip the lapel in a manner that facilitates the choke. Make sure that you get lots of reps in with your partner cooperating. No one comes to class with a fat lip, everyone should leave the same way. Take care of your partner!


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