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September 23, 2013

Focus of the Week 9/23/13

Mike Tousignant

Focus of the Week 9/23/13

Martial Arts Curriculum, News and Speech of the week

9/23/13 – 9/29/13

ETC Martial Arts

Martial Arts Curriculum

Muay Thai / Kickboxing

Fundamentals: Pulling out of a range of a strike and coming back in to counter

Intermediate: Pulling and countering with kicks

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fundamentals: Basic Double Leg Take Down,Front Choke To Scissor Sweep

Intermediate: Renzo Hip Throw, Maintain Mount, Front Choke/Armbar

Black Belt:  Mount Offense


ETC Denver will be hosting a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Winter In-house tournament on November 2nd. It will be Gi and No Gi. Click here to Register: You will also have to fill out a form at your local academy to place you in the right division.

Pay attention to for upcoming events and info.  Including up to date information about the above In-House tournament. If you are a Facebook user go to our Facebook pages which tend to get updated the most often.

Denver Facebook

Boulder Facebook

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“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare; It’s because we do not dare that things are difficult.”  ~ Seneca 

Dare to be what you want to be!  Expand your horizons and reach for the sky.  It is never too late to take a chance on the life you’ve always wanted! What better way to attack life than with Martial Arts at Easton Training Center.


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