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October 14, 2013

Focus of the Week. 10/14/13 – 10/20/13

Mike Tousignant

Focus of the Week. 10/14/13 – 10/20/13

Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum, News and Martial Arts Focus of the week

October 14th – 20th, 2013

ETC Denver. Boulder Training Center coming soon January 2014

A Message from ETC:

At Easton Training Centers we believe that perseverance against all odds is one of the greatest character traits an individual can possess. Staying consistent with your training through good and bad days truly strengthens your ability to rise up against odds that are otherwise beyond your reach. Nothing is beyond the reach of those that refuse to be pushed aside. Whether your discipline is in kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or simply battling that extra weight you’ve been trying to shed for years, never quit.  No matter what the results, the effort you put forth to conquer your dreams and goals will make you stronger than you’ve ever been. One thing that you have here at ETC is the support of fellow teammates and coaches that are all dealing with the same struggles. Use the resources and experience that surround you. We want nothing but success for all Easton students, so please never hesitate to speak with an instructor with any questions, concerns, or  suggestions you may have. In all our endeavors, form martial arts to our personal and professional lives, we need to be striving for constant and consistent improvement. HAVE A GREAT WEEK TRAINING AND WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE MAT!

Martial Arts Classes:

Kickboxing / Muay Thai

Fundamentals – Walking with punches

Intermediate – Holland drills / Blocking and countering kicks

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fundamentals – F4

Intermediate – I16

  • Sprawl
  • Maintaining Mount – Focus should be on holding position. You must learn how to maintain mount long before you will be able to finish your opponent from this position.

Black Belt

  • Back Defense


  • Girl in Gis is taking place this Sunday, October 20th at the Boulder academy. If you have any questions please speak with Coach Milly.  It’s a free event and there are fliers with more details posted around academy and on our webpage.
  • Don’t forget to register for the InHouse Tournament. All proceeds will be donated to Crest View Elementary. Registration forms and details at the Front Desk.
    • Registration deadline: Saturday, October 26th
    • Tournament date: Saturday, November 2nd
    • $35 to register – all proceeds got to Flood Relief for Crest View Elementary
    • Adult’s Gi and No Gi divisions
    • Kid’s Gi divisions
  • Halloween party and costume contest for kids will be taking place October 26th from 6-8pm at our Boulder academy.


The Japanese word for crisis has the symbol for danger and the symbol for opportunity in it.  This way of thinking illustrates that we should be able to see the opportunity in even the worst of situations.  If you are up against a tough circumstance, remember that there is an opportunity there that you may not be able to see yet.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find your opportunity!


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