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January 13, 2014

Focus of the Week – Body Punches and Back Attacks

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week – Body Punches and Back Attacks

Easton Academies | Muay Thai and BJJ

1.13.2014 – 1.19.2014

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Muay Thai – Body Punches


  • Basic Body Punches – If you’ve ever had the wind knocked out of you, you know how brutal it can be do get hit in the body.  This week we will be looking at the fundamentals of how to land blows to the body.  Check out Mickey Ward, one of the toughest boxers to ever live.  (If you want to learn more about Mickey Ward and his rival Arturo Gotti check out Legendary Nights, also available on Netflix)


  • Body Punches to set up Liver Shots – When we’re hitting our body shots, they all do damage, but when you catch somebody in the liver, you know.  You see their face wince and they double over just a bit.  We can use this moment to capitalize with follow up punches to really lay the hurt on our partners.  Check out Nieky Holzken for some amazing body combos.




  • Renzo Hip Throw – It’s time to put our Basic Hip Throw in to action.  We will learn how to set up our hip throws using our partner’s movement agaisnt them.
  • Knee On Stomach with Attacks – Side Control is a tough position to control, and being mobile is a key to maintaining the position.  Switching to the Knee on Belly position allows us to move around our partner before they even knows what happened.

Black Belt

  • Back Defense – Having your back attacked is not pleasant, especially since everybody knows the 2 basic escapes by their second stripe.  It’s time to get creative with our back attacks and catch our partner off guard to escape.

CrossFit –

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Level 1

Level 2

Kids – Self Discipline

This month in the kids class we will be focusing on self discipline, and why it’s important to achieve your goals.


  1. The new ETC in Boulder is open so make sure to drop in and check it out!  The Boulder staff has been working non stop to get the place up and running and it looks great!  Drop in and see our newest facility!
  2. Stop in and grab tickets to see Tyler Toner and Jarred Mercado in action at the Prize Fighting Championship Event at the Paramount Theater downtown on Feb 7th!  Jarred and Tyler have both worked extremely hard for this one so don’t miss it!  


Attitudes affect everything in life.  How we feel about any particular situation depends on us and how we choose to perceive the events that are happening to us and around us.  Choose to feel positive and change an ordeal into an adventure…the choice is yours!!!



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