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July 21, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 7/21/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 7/21/2014 )

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7.21.2014 – 7.27.2014


knee mount


Fundamentals – Escaping the Mount

  • Osoto Gari + Foot Sweep – These two sweeps are pillars in the Judo world, and combined they are even more effective.
  • Escaping Mount – Being squished is never fun, so come learn how to get out!

Intermediate – Attacking the Mount

  • Renzo Hip Throw – Also know as the Ippon Seoi Nage, this is one of the most powerful throws you’ll ever learn.
  • Maintain Mount – I hate losing a good position, and you probably do too. This week we’ll focus on how to hold the mount.

Kickboxing – Inside Work: Knees + Elbows

This week in class we focus on the strikes we use in close range: knees and elbows. We will combine hand combinations with knees and hand combinations with knees and elbows in order to see how we can utilize all our tools in combos! 

Muay Thai – Knees

Knees are one of the most powerful and highest scoring weapons in the Muay Thai toolbox, so we will look at different ways to execute a knee strike this week. Straight knees, angled knees, 1/2 clinch knees and flying knees are just a few ways we can use knees effectively. 

Kids – Picking Yourself Up

Focus of the Month

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky
Never let the fear of failure stop you from doing something. This is where real courage comes into play. Are you strong enough to face your trepidation to achieve what you really want?



  • Little Tigers – Guard Passing is one of the essential BJJ skills. This week we’ll play some games to understand the footwork and agility necessary to pass our partner’s guard.
  • Tigers – This week we’ll study how to take the back of our partner’s after they try to tackle us to the ground. Once we get one our partner’s back we’ll look at how to attack them the safest way possible.
  • Advanced Tigers – Guard Passing is one of the most difficult skills in BJJ. This week we’ll look at some advanced passing techniques to beat our partner’s tricky guards.

Muay Thai

Low Kicks + Teeps – Both of the kicking techniques are incredibly useful for maintaining distance, keep ing our partner out of punching range. Distance control is the most important skill to have for Self Defense.


  • Congrats to all of the ETC/Elevation Team fighters that put it on the line this weekend.  We had a heck of a showing this weekend! Win or lose, we are all proud of our fighters…they demonstrate tremendous heart every time they step in to the cage/ring!  Keep it up.
  • Have a question? Use #AskEaston to get it answered.
  • Boulder Academy: The Fitness Challenge Begins August 1st. Sign up is $5, and you could win some sweet prizes! Sign up at the front desk.


Don’t argue with fools.  You run the risk of looking like a fool yourself.  Save your words for those with the wisdom to listen and hear you.  Not those that would be in such a hurry to speak that they cut you off before you’ve even finished your thoughts.  Fools hear you…wise people listen!



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