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May 19, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 5/19/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 5/19/2014 )

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5.19.2014 – 5.25.2014


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BJJ – Back Defense


  • Ippon Seonage – This is what you think of from the movies when somebody get’s thrown!  We’ll go over the basics of this powerful technique, learning how to get our partner to the ground.
  • Back Defense – If somebody is on your back they have all the advantages they could ask for – you can’t even see what they’re doing!  This week we’ll study how to escape this dominant position so we can stay safe, get back in the fight.


  • Front And Rear Sweep – This week we will continue to study how to sweep our partner from closed Guard once they’re standing.  If they lean too far forward  you take them forward, too far back and you put them on their butt.

Kickboxing – Elbows and Knees

  • When the fight goes to the inside, you need to be able to use more than just your kicks and punches. This week will look at elbows and knees, both very strong tools in close range!

Muay Thai – Attacking the Body

  • Head, body, and legs, are the three important areas of attack. This week we look at attacking the midsection with punches, which can set up shots to end the fight, or end the fight by itself!

CrossFit – It Sucks!

“CrossFit Sucks, Don’t Try It”

Every time someone asks me about CrossFit and the Paleo Diet, I say the same thing. It sucks, don’t try it.
Heres why. I did my first CrossFit WOD a decade ago, and I went strict Paleo a year after my first WOD, and I feel and look better now than when I was a NCAA athlete or a high school runner because I get out of my comfort zone every day.
6 Reasons That CrossFit Sucks:
6. It’s uncomfortable.  I hardly every do the WOD that I want to do. I come in, and I do what’s on the board, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. CrossFit only works because you do not program for yourself. It will absolutely not work if you “cherry pick” your workouts.
5. I’m jealous of people who don’t care what they eat. I order very differently at restaurants, and shop very differently than everyone else at the grocery store. There is a serious lack of quality Paleo foods out there, and the fewer the people eating Paleo, the better for me.
4. I can’t procrastinate.  I am accountable for my pre-workout preparation. I eat and sleep differently before I’m going to do a hard WOD. Each accountability session runs into the next and goes on and on…
3. I don’t get to complain. My attitude is better, and I’m more in control of my thoughts. I am able to put things into perspective better, and stay focused during the day.
2. I don’t get to be selfish.  I am a better team player and I feel capable to do anything with their support and help. I care about what they are doing and how they are progressing. We get selfish when we are not on a team.
1. The number one reason not to try it: The only way is up.  I feel like Sisyphus, constantly rolling the boulder up the hill.  You will be in the best shape of your life, and there will be no excuse not to look and feel better next month.  But there’s not enough good coaching and good food to go around… don’t try it, it sucks anyway.

Kids – Self Defense

Focus of the Month

  • This week we study how to disarm a potentially dangerous situation using our Body Language and Verbal Communication.



  • Little Tigers – Self Defense needs to be an all encompassing study.  As much as we love Jiu Jitsu for Self Defense, if somebody starts throwing punches we need to know how to handle them.  This week we will be focusing on our Boxing skills, practicing both our offense and defense.
  • Tigers – Passing the Guard is one of the fundamental goals in BJJ.  It allows us to obtain a dominant position over our partner, allowing us to control the situation. The Headlock is one of the most common bullying techniques you’ll see, so this week we study how to escape it.

Muay Thai

  • This week we’ll focus on Round Punches: Hooks and Uppercuts.  These punches allow us to go around our partner’s defenses and attack from different angles.


  • ETC has some great kids camps planned for this summer!  Check with your front desk to find out details about the sweet camp opportunity for the young ones in your lives!  These camps are always a great time so reserve your child a spot today to make sure that they’ll be a part of it!


Most of the things worth doing are difficult and time consuming, but when you complete a worthy task it makes it all worth it.  Work hard for what you want and take no short cuts.  You’ll be glad in the end that you earned it!


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