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March 2, 2015

Focus of the Week (3/2/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (3/2/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

3.2.2015 – 3.8.2015


Fundamentals – Side Control Attacks

  • Bear Hug From Behind – We’ll look at a few ways to defend an attack from someone standing behind you. In a real-world self-defense situation, these techniques will allow you to take down an attacker and escape safely.
  • Side Control Attacks – Once you’ve got your partner in side control, it’s time to look for ways to finish. This week we’ll show three different attacks on the arm–the Americana, Kimura, and armbar.

Intermediate – Mount Escapes

Kickboxing – Reloading Punches

The focus this week in level 1 is the Reload series. This is one of the most important concepts in any striking sport: learning how to properly transfer and reload your weight in order to throw strikes with proper power. The power for our punches comes from the transfer of weight from the back leg to the front leg, and vice versa. Focus on shifting your weight during your combinations this week to maximize your power!

Fitness Challenge: Plyo Lunges and Plank to Push Up

Muay Thai – Front Kicks

The focus this week is a long-range weapon: the push kick. We will look at the lead-leg teep and learning to use it as a jab, and looking at the rear-leg push kick as a way to off-balance our opponents and maintain distance. A teep is a very useful offensive and defensive weapon to incorporate into your arsenal.

Kids – Internet Lures & Kids Are Strangers Too

We’ll continue the theme of personal safety this week by talking about staying safe online. We’ll also discuss the fact that other kids can be strangers too, and we need to be careful around strangers, no matter their age.


  • Little Tigers – This week, Little Tigers will be focusing on basic striking, learning how to properly throw punches.
  • Tigers – We’ll work on the buck and roll mount escape this week, looking at ways to get into a better position and submit.
  • Advanced Tigers – Advanced Tigers will practice the same techniques as the other Tigers class, also examining some guard pulling and guard passing.

Muay Thai

We’ll continue to look at elbows. This week our focus is on the proper way to throw a horizontal elbow strike.


  • The in-house tournament was a HUGE success! Thanks to all of the competitors and staff that made it possible! There were many great matches in both the kids/teens divisions, as well as the adults! Great job everyone!Next Friday, Gigi Good and Corey Sandhagen will enter the cage to put it all on the line for a couple of Title Belts! Please grab a couple of tickets and come out and support them at the Paramount Theater downtown on March 6th. Prized Fighting Championships is going down along with concert from Everlast! Tickets can be purchased from the fighters, at their academies, or online at Be sure and pick them as your fighter so they get credit!!


“There are always people in your life willing to treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong!”
What hurts you today makes you tougher and more prepared for what life throws at you tomorrow. Dust yourself off, get up, and keep it moving!



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