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February 24, 2014

Focus of the Week (2/24/2014)

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week (2/24/2014)

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2.24.2014 – 3.02.2014


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BJJ – Working out of Bad Positions


  • Standing Head Lock Defense – Getting caught in a Head Lock is one of the most common Self Defense situations.  Luckily, it’s also one of the simples positions to get out of.  This week we’ll be looking at turning the tides


  • Knee On Belly Escapes – Having somebody’s knee on your belly is a fairly uncomfortable position.  This week we’ll look at how to escape this position so we can breathe a little easier.

Black Belt

  • Half Guard Bottom – This week we’ll be looking at one of the most fun positions in BJJ, the bottom of Half Guard.  Check out this cool piece on “Gordo”, the creator of Half Guard.

Muay Thai – Walking with Punches


  • Walking with Punches – This week we’ll be looking at how to move while you throw punches.  This allows us to hide our footwork and create great angles on our partner with out them noticing, increasing our attack potential.  Here is a great video of Giorgio Petrosyan slowed down so you can see every reaction.


  • Creating Angles with Punches – This week we’ll be looking at some more advanced combos while adding footwork in.  The goal is to continually be cutting angles off our partner’s shoulders without them noticing.  This allows us to attack them, while they can’t attack us.  Check out Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker for some amazing movement.

Kickboxing – Working on the Inside

Even when we’re working on the bag, we can’t always be at punching and kicking range.  This week we’ll be learning how to throw strikes when we’re too close to the bag to strike with our full range.

  • Elbows – Elbows are a unique striking tool.  Instead of trying to deliver power through your partner, you try to slash them as if they were knives.  This week we’ll be going over how to properly throw the Left Horizontal Elbow, and the Right Slashing Elbow.  Here’s a preview!
  • Knees – Your knees can be incredibly powerful weapons, if you know how to use them correctly.  This week we’ll be looking at how to use your hip rotation to generate the maximum amount of force through your knee.  Check out  how to throw Straight Knees and Skip Knees for a look ahead.

CrossFit – Elements

  • Any new program can be intimidating to enter in to, it’s like your first day of school all over again.  So it helps to have an idea of what’s going to happen.  Here’s an explanation of what to expect in our introductory Elements class, the class that will get you started on your CrossFit journey.  Get the low down about our Elements class with this video, if you have a friend who wants to come try it, but a little nervous, go ahead and share this with them so they know what a positive experience they’re going to have.

Kids – Gratitude

Focus of the Month

  • Gratitude – Gratitude is being thankful for what you have, instead of wanting things that you don’t.  Here is a cool Psychology Today article that explains some basics of gratitude and why it’s such an important quality to have.



  • Little Tigers – This week we will be playing Crazy Legs.  This game will help your child with their balance and agility.
  • Tigers – This week we will focus on the Front Headlock to the Back Take.  We will then continue our sequence studying Back Attacks.  Understanding this sequence will teach your child balance and angles, as well as how to transition from one move to another.
  • Advanced Tigers – We will be looking at the Front Headlock to the Back Take and Back Attacks with the tigers class.  We will then study Mount Attacks.

Muay Thai

    • Low Kicks – Low kicks are some of the most powerful attacks, utilizing your whole body.  This will help your child’s balance and overall body awareness.  Here are the key points to learning this technical movement.


  • Congrats to all of the ETC competitors that were out in force this weekend!  There were lots of individual medals and overall champions, but we won the overall team championship once again!  Great job everyone…lets keep bringing those trophies home!
  • Also huge congrats to all of the ETC Littleton/Highlands Ranch competitors that went to the Kids Pans 2014 last weekend in California.  12 of them, plus 3 from ETC Aurora went out and brought back 6 gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze!  Not a bad haul at all!  Building a strong future for our BJJ here in CO!
  • Congrats to Coaches Brian Carlsen and Indy Danaher, each won their division at the Houston Open.


Don’t take shortcuts!  Not in life, not in love, not at all!  They seem like a great idea at the time, but always end up costing more time and more grief than you would have ever imagined.  Do the work it takes to get where you want.  It may be hard, but the journey will be well worth it, and once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll know that you earned it!Check out this cool video by “This American Life” narrator Ira Glass on putting in the time, you’re not alone.



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