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February 2, 2014

Focus of the Week (2/03/2014)

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week (2/03/2014)

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2.03.2014 – 2.09.2014


half-guard-pass ali_slip cf_levels

BJJ – Half Guard and Ankle Locks


  • Basic Grip Strips – The longer you train Jiu Jitsu the more you’ll see that grips setup your entire game.  this week we will be looking at how to strip grips, keeping our partner at bay, not allowing them to setup their game.
  • Half Guard Passes –  Half Guard can be a tricky position because of all the subtleties associated with having only one leg trapped in your partner’s Guard.  This week we will be looking at how to pass Half Guard to Side Control or Mount.


Black Belt

  • Side Control Offense – This week we will be going over some of the more advanced and creative moves from the top of Side Control.

Muay Thai – Pulls and Counters


  • Pulling – This week we will be adding to our counter punching repertoire by adding pulls to our slips, rolls, and perries.  Pulling can be tricky because its all about reaction time and distance judgement, so make sure you get into class and put in your work!  Here’s a little video to help you get amped up about counter striking.


  • Pulls with Counters – Now that we have an idea of how to properly pull and avoid getting hit we will use the opportunity to follow up with counters.  Because we are following our partner’s punch in, this is one of the most effective counter punching strategies in the game.

Kickboxing – Combos

  • Combos – It’s time to put everything you know together into some smooth sequences.  This week we will be going over how to link punches, kicks, knees, and elbows into fluid combinations.  Here is Coach Sean Madden with some ideas on Basic Punching Combos.

CrossFit – WOD Levels and Jargon

  • At Easton Training Center we structure our CrossFit a little differently than other boxes to you keep you safe while still giving you a great workout.  We have three levels for our WODs.
    • Level 1 “On Ramp” – Our on-going basics CrossFit class that you can start anytime and progress at your own pace.  Most athletes feel familiar enough with all the CrossFit movements to move on to Level 2 after about 3 months.  This will all depend on your previous experience with Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, and other work out programs.  These workouts have the same format as the Level 2 classes, and will still challenge even the most elite athletes, but we will focus much more on the technical aspects of the movement, making sure everybody’s technique is solid before moving into the workout.
    • Level 2 “CrossFit” – This is our regular CrossFit class.  Once you are familiar with the Olympic Lifts and gymnastics movements associated with CrossFit that you learned in the Level 1 classes, it’s time to bump up the intensity.  Our Level 2 classes dive deeper into the complexities of technical lifts and movements, and will make you work for every rep.
    • Level 3 “Competition Team” – This is for the athlete who wants to take their fitness to the next level.  Our Level 3 classes will focus on getting you in the best shape possible, preparing you to compete in CrossFit tournaments, Tough Mudder races, or any other competitive athletic event you can think of.

To learn more about the what to expect in each level, check out our very own Georgia Maxey with the low down on the WOD Levels.

Kids – Gratitude

Focus of the Month

Gratitude – The feeling or expression of being grateful or thankful
Living in Boulder and its surrounding areas, it becomes very easy to forget how lucky we all are.  We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in one of the wealthiest, most developed countries in the world.  This gives us opportunities that some will never have.  Take a moment every day to take stock of what you have and it will make even the hardest days a little easier.



  • Little Tigers – Escaping Mount is one the most important self defense techniques your child can learn.
  • Tigers – We will be adding on to the our Snap Down and Back Takes this week, finishing off with the Rear Naked Choke.  Basic Mount Escapes will also be examined adding in a few variation.
  • Advanced Tigers – We will be going over Mount and Back attacks this week, as well as Back Escapes.

Muay Thai

  • Punches with Kicks – This week we will be combining all the punches we learned with both of the kicks we learned.  The ability to combine and remember all of these techniques is a test in coordination and focus.


  • Stop in and grab tickets to see Tyler Toner and Jarred Mercado in action at the Prize Fighting Championship Event at the Paramount Theater downtown on Feb 7th!  Jarred and Tyler have both worked extremely hard for this one so don’t miss it!
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Try to keep your eyes focused on your goals and off of others’ “issues”.  It becomes real easy for us to get stuck with our gaze fixed on those around us and what we judge to be wrong in their lives.  Remember that no matter what, there is someone who would look at you and think the same thing, so don’t waste your time and energy judging others.  Surround yourself with good people and focus on the things that bring you joy.  You’ll be sure to find more of it every day!



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